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Lead Your Career Path: A Journey to Empowerment and Success

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Erin is a prime example of a dedicated professional who, despite being a top performer, found herself at a crossroads both personally and professionally. As a Vice President at a large global financial services firm, Erin’s life was a whirlwind of responsibilities. She balanced a demanding career with the needs of her family—supporting her daughter’s athletic pursuits, guiding her son through the college selection process, assisting aging in-laws, and managing a household with a partner who was often away due to work commitments.

The Breaking Point

Despite her success and high regard within the company, Erin felt something was amiss. Her role had lost its luster, and she yearned for more fulfillment in her career. Yet, she was too entrenched in the daily grind to contemplate her next steps. Her plan was to address her career concerns after her son finalized his college decision.

Then came an unexpected twist—her position was eliminated during a company reorganization. Erin faced a pivotal moment: should she find another role within the company or seize this opportunity to redefine her career path? She decided it was time for a change but was cautious about making a hasty decision.

Taking the First Step: Lead Your Career Program

Erin reached out to me, and we began working together through my Lead Your Career program. Our first task was an exploratory consultation to identify her needs and aspirations. Erin recognized that she needed to carve out time to focus on her next steps to regain control over her career.

Identifying Value and Charting a Course

We dove into the hard work of determining her value proposition and identifying what was truly meaningful to her. By combining these insights, we mapped out a strategic course for her future. With the looming pressure of big tuition bills, maintaining a stable income was a crucial factor for Erin.

Through a thorough career gap analysis, Erin discovered that she needed another year in her current function to build relationships in the part of the business she aspired to join. She took a new position leading another team within the same organization, which allowed her to start branding herself and leveraging her internal network.

Strategic Positioning and Advocacy

Erin’s journey didn’t stop there. With a clear plan in place, she began actively advocating for herself. She was strategically positioning herself to turn any future reorganization to her advantage. Erin’s proactive approach ensured that she was no longer at the mercy of organizational changes but was steering her own career path.

The Power of Positive Intelligence

Erin’s transformation was not just about strategic moves; it was also about mindset. We incorporated the 6-week Positive Intelligence program to help her build resilience and a positive outlook. This foundation was crucial for maintaining focus and staying on track with her career goals.

Your Turn: Seize Control of Your Career

Erin’s story is a testament to the power of taking control of your career through strategic planning and self-advocacy. If you find yourself in a similar position—juggling family, work, and uncertain career prospects—now is the time to act.

Don’t wait any longer to pursue your dream career. Book an exploratory consultation with me today and start your own success story. Just like Erin, you can take control and achieve the fulfillment and success you deserve.

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