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I help professionals who are stuck: so busy with life and work commitments, they can't make their professional next steps a priority. 


I help people do what they think they couldn't through career, leadership and transition coaching.


Through leadership and style assessment tools and frameworks, I help clients become self-aware and shift their patterns so they can get the results they want. We start with an inventory of skills, strengths and values, then craft an exploration of options that capitalize on what they do best. They examine their patterns and develop new approaches where needed. 

Leadership skill-building begins with the onboarding experience, and continues with identifying the behaviors they need to increase the success of leading others and achieve desired organizational results, as well as building stronger ‘EQ’ or Emotional Intelligence skills. Leadership skill-building is customized based on their needs.  

How We Work Together

  • You’ll do assignments and complete your own research and reflections and then we’ll process it together so you can put a plan into place. 

  • When carving out a new path, I’m a thought partner to help clarify your goals and values.  We identify and work past blockers to get you started. I’m your safe place to talk through ideas and strategize your approach and I’ll also challenge you to look at things in a different way so you can get better results. 

  • When skill building, I’m your accountability partner to help you stay on task and put in the preparation you need to succeed. 

* Meetings held via video conference or in person as feasible. 


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