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Overbooking + Mistakes = Learning!

I had a professional faceplant recently, I under prepared for an event and I wasn’t my best self.

I recovered well, people learned and we ended up in a good place but it wasn’t a good moment for me. I was spread too thin, overcommitted and taking on things that weren’t the best use of my time.

I’m a solopreneur with a portfolio career, I juggle multiple calendars and I own prioritizing where I need to be each day. Gulp… as someone who has a lot of browsers open as a general rule, this could be a recipe for disaster.

Seeing my recent stumble as the gift and opportunity it was, I learned a few things and I’m taking them to heart. (thank you Positive Intelligence, this is why I use this program with my clients!)

During my amazing anniversary April trip to Iceland, I fell in love with the restorative hot springs. I realized that I was missing a restorative energy ritual so I can do my very best work.

We use the Personal Energy Ritual framework below in the Stewart Leadership Manager Skills program and when I messed up, I was reminded I need to do a better job of putting it into practice.

So here’s my weekly ritual:

I plan to pause (away from my office) and review my calendar each Friday afternoon to review the upcoming week.

I will carefully review where I’m spending my time: looking for overloaded days and prioritize where needed. I'll plan prep time and hard code in restorative exercise and social stuff.

I’m sharing my restorative commitments with an accountability partner, Thanks Ed!

What about you? Could you use an energy ritual in your week? What 1-2 behaviors could you target?

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