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Does Your Career Need CPR?

“I really need to make more time for myself. I just go from meeting to meeting and get so caught up in it.  I don’t know if it's an effect of Covid, but I’ve never worked this hard in my life. I don’t want to boil the ocean. I’m not trying to become CEO, but the grind of it all is so consuming I can’t seem to get out of the weeds and pull back enough to see where I want to go. I'm not prioritizing what’s important to me. I don’t even know if I know what is important to me.“

I heard this in a recent conversation.

I’ve been there.  I get it.

When I was employed in corporate, I would often say to my husband, "Don’t plan anything for Friday night. I'm not good company. I need a full day to come down from it before I’m fit to be with people." 

Does this sound like you? You are not alone! 

The pace of our work and the devices we use to do it keep us tethered to it.   We’re alert-addicted and afraid we’re missing something or leaving someone hanging; half-finished sentences, half written emails, multitasking through meetings, nothing is ever finished. 

Who can focus on what’s important to them?

The more we know about where we want to go, the more we can call it to us and make it a reality. 

The problem is most of us haven’t spent enough time thinking about our priorities, what's important to us and what we really want. We just let our calendar run our lives and dictate how we spend our time. 

Being intentional about your goals, values and where you want to head, gives you a north star to guide you. It's a tool to prioritize where you are spending your precious time and energy. 

  • Do you know where you’re heading?  

  • Does it give you the energy to handle the challenges on your journey?  

  • Are you making the time to do the deep work to find out?

  • Are you curious about what excites you? 

“I haven’t had a break since I graduated from college, I’ve been building my career and navigating all of that complexity and intensity, growing a family and now my aging parents require a lot of my focus.  I could really use a sabbatical to make sure I’m spending the last chapter of my career on work that I really value and matters to me. I’m so busy doing all these things, I need to slow down and assess that I’m going in the right direction.“

I heard this last week, and it got me thinking: What does sabbatical mean to most of us? We all need restorative time in our lives.

  • What time, spaces, or resources do you need to be intentional?

  • Do you really need to take 6 months off, or can you calendar in time every week to do the deep thinking work?

  • Can a sabbatical look like a hike or device free day?

You can create your own Career Planning Retreat (CPR).

Get started with some of my favorite resources:

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